Clark Gregg: 'If I have to fight Thanos, I will'

“If I have to fight Thanos, I will,” Clark Gregg, best known as Agent Coulson in Marvel’sAgents of SHIELD, told Player.One during an interview New York Comic Con. He had a lot to say about what fans can expect in the 100th episode of Agents of SHIELD, which takes place in the middle of  Season 5, not all of it accurate.

“It turns out that we have the Infinity Gauntlet, and that’s the tie-in to Infinity Wars, ” he said.

Even though Gregg was obviously joking our suspicion about a possible Agents of SHIELD connection to Avengers larger than just a few name drops and easter eggs has not subsided. Executive Producer Jeph Loeb teased something big, too.

“I think the audience is sophisticated enough to know when you have a 100th episode, there will be something significant that will happen,” Loeb said. “The truth of the matter is the actors don’t even know what is coming.”

With the SWORD theory debunked by Loeb, fans are searching for any other clue to connect Agents of SHIELD to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. Last year, the series felt the effects of the Sokovia Accords in Captain America: Civil War. This year, many thought there could be a connection between Nick Fury and a subdivision of SHIELD called SWORD, based in outer space.

“They never really tell us much. There are so many different elements of the Marvel Universe and everyone wants to see them integrated. The theory is it’s all connected, nobody has said that’s not true. I don't know what they are going to do,” Gregg continued. “To build a whole new world in space, to have us figure out what the hell we are doing there and why, incorporate some cool Marvel elements you might be surprised to see. I’m blown away by it.”

Coulson “died” in The Avengers only to be saved by Nick Fury on Agents of SHIELD.He hasn’t returned to the Marvel Cinematic Universe since. (He was indirectly mentioned in Age of Ultron when Theta Protocol sent a Helicarrier to rescue the Avengers during the Battle of Sokovia.) Fury has appeared on Agents of SHIELD, and hearts would melt if Coulson appeared in the MCU just one more time. At least that’s the hope year after year. And with SHIELD celebrating  the 100th episode during its fifth season, and Infinity War premiering during the season, what better time to do it? Gregg isn’t opposed, but also isn’t sure it’s necessary.

“To me doing the 100th episode, I don’t care if anyone else shows up. Personally, I’m so thrilled with the particular team we’ve assembled. To look around at this, it’s just the United Nations of SHIELD agents on our show,” Gregg said. “We’ve got in my opinion, three or four incredible new characters this season. Some friend, some foe--it’s become this incredible ensemble. I hope the 100th episode showcases that. If I have to fight Thanos, I will.”

Series star Chloe Bennet doesn’t like the idea of a true Avengers and SHIELD crossover at all. “We don’t need them. We are doing very well on our own,” she said as Gregg interrupted. “Yeah if dreamy Cap was to show up I’m not going to say, ‘Hey get out of here.’ You know?”

Agents of SHIELD Season 5 premieres Dec. 1 on ABC.

Originally published on Player.One.